5 Rosegal Christmas Outfits To Get You in the Holiday Spirit

What’s better than holiday fashion? Cozy sweaters, warm boots, and blanket scarves are all the rage this winter. This holiday season, save your hard earned cash by shopping the Rosegal Christmas collection. From gorgeous knit sweaters to festive holiday leggings, Rosegal has everything you need to put together a holiday outfit that will turn heads.

Whether you’re attending a formal event, a corporate party, or a simple family gathering, these Rosegal holiday outfit ideas will give you fashion inspiration for the upcoming holidays.

Formal Christmas Outfit Idea

There are dozens of formal holiday outfit ideas online, but there are few companies who beat Rosegal’s prices. The above outfit utilizes Rosegal’s Cable Knit Pullover Sweater, a comfortable, versatile sweater in a neutral shade. When paired with the Solid Color Knee Skirt in red, the white sweater really stands out. Gold accessories, such as a rhinestone-encrusted watch, a gold-trimmed clutch, and earrings add to the formal look. As any fashion lover knows, the shoes make the outfit and these gold stiletto heels really tie the look together.

Use this outfit as inspiration for your holiday party outfit or for any formal holiday events that you might be attending this year.

Sweet Holiday Outfit Idea

This holiday outfit uses both modest and sexy pieces to create a look that’s naughty and nice. The formal ruffled blouse and high-waist plaid skirt create a sweet, innocent look when paired together. The ankle boots, black clutch, and deep red nail polish give the look a touch of sexy without going over-the-top. Silver snowflake accessories add an additional festive touch, and the gray poncho cardigan gives you an extra layer for warmth.

Perfect for corporate holiday events or family gatherings, this outfit is versatile and unique.

Casual Christmas Outfit Idea

During the holidays, some of us like a more laid-back holiday gathering. For a simple, stylish Christmas look, pair a neutral Rosegal knit sweater with a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. Add stylish flair by donning a pair of black ankle boots. Finally, finish it off with a beautiful blanket scarf for a cozy, fashionable holiday outfit that’s still comfortable.

Wear this look to family events, a casual get-together, or even while doing your holiday shopping!

Stylish Christmas Outfit Idea

Show off your inner fashionista with Rosegal’s graphic tees! This holiday season, Rosegal has plenty of holiday-themed graphic tees to show off your holiday spirit. White skinny jeans or white leggings in combination with a red top create a snowy, festive look that will light up a room. To really make this look stand out, pick up a pair of Rosegal’s furry snow boots. Add your favorite white handbag and paint your nails to match your top and you’re ready to head out into a winter wonderland.

Whether you’re Christmas shopping, enjoying a holiday dinner with your family, or celebrating Christmas for your best girlfriends, this outfit is an ideal choice!

Cozy Christmas Outfit Idea

This holiday season, select from Rosegal’s collection of holiday leggings to create a cozy, comfortable look. Leggings look beautiful when paired with a thick cable knit sweater and knee-high boots—choose flat boots for even more comfort. Add an extra layer of warmth with leg warmers and finish it all off with a pair of snowflake jewelry.

A cozy outfit like this is perfect for lounging around in. Wear it when you’re out with your friends, eating dinner with your family, shop in comfort, or wear it while wrapping presents.

As an added bonus, you can make your holiday shopping easier by giving a Rosegal gift to your friends and loved ones. Check out Rosegal spinners, wall hangings, accessories and more to get a head start on your holiday gifts! Shop Rosegal now!

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