Duty free is really life. Especially when it comes to buying your perfume at a low price , or a limited edition makeup palette .


However, in terms of finding an original gift … Bof Bof. Known better.


It must be said that the heart is not really there: you, surrounded by stuffed animals and other figurines with the effigy of monuments, falling slowly but surely in depression at the end of the holidays …


No, the best is still to find original and atypical stores  DURING your stay. History to bring back some of the beauty of the country that you had the chance to visit. For this, we recommend you look at the side of:


Vintage second-hand stores

True nuggets, these are a sure way to find an object or garment with a “soul”, something authentic and, why not, typical.


Concept stores

Obviously, no concept store on the horizon in the small Croatian countryside. On the other hand, in big cities like London or New York: they are legion.


And above all, they decorate any other classic souvenir shop by offering objects from young designers, found anywhere else.


Cooperatives and other craft stores 

To bring back a greedy memory , nothing beats the visit to a specialized cooperative. Jams, cold meats, wines, cheeses … Go get them directly at the source! Bonus: the price will be significantly cheaper.


Bring back a gift from London, Japan, New York … Our easy guide!

Think light and easy

No, this beautiful rattan armchair “Emmanuelle” is not a very good idea, for example.


On the other hand, easy-to-preserve food such as sweets, cookies or vacuum jam is a good option.


Think first of all about your suitcase but also the impact that your memories might have: a poorly protected liquor that spills over your little silk dresses for example …


Think of the customs

Take the example of the USA. Their customs are extremely strict and prohibit many things.


Inquire in advance on the corresponding government website. Another factor to think about: your bag!


Do you have only one piece of luggage? Be careful, your food may be confiscated, like your liquors and other liquid bottles.


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