Do You Know about Rosegal Products?

Are the deep discounts worth the potential risk? We know online Chinese clothing retailers have super cheap price and fashion style. But it also make consumers wondering if it too good to be true. Online clothing retailers like show its advantages with Rosegal vintage clothes and Rosegal plus size lines at huge discounts over what designers would typically charge. The super cheap price has consumers wondering, “Is Rosegal legit?”, “Is Rosegal a scam?” “should i shop on it?”

Who is Rosegal?

Vintage fashion: Style that never goes out of style. Rosegal is popular for vintage syle, just as it claimed Rosegal always en vogue character and stylized elegance.

In April 2016, was put under the fire for its products. Is Rosegal a scam? Rosegal stated that it cut out the middleman, as a direct-to-comsumer online store, send items with huge discounts and super low prices to customers directly before check on product quality and the credibility of its vendors. Despite of that, we still wondering about Rosegal for its huge discounts on a number of fashion clothing.

Almost at the same time, what we need know in a Rosegal review is the link between Rosegal and other online clothing retailers that have been labeled as fraudulent or as scams. Almost all bad news target on Similar websites such as Sammy Dress, ZAFUL, and Rosegal are all reported by a reporter on buzzfeed. And what we can not ignore is Sammydress, ZAFUL and Rosegal are belong to one company: Shenzhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Company. Is there something wrong with these?  Sammydress and ZAFUL which are linked to this parent company have reviews similar to Rosegal reviews, which leads many of us to believe that Rosegal is a scammer. Is Rosegal a scam? Now, after we have a better understanding of who is Rosegal and the story behind it, we will take a closer review to judge whether Rosegal is a scam or not. What do the Rosegal reviews say? Is Rosegal legit and safe?


Rosegal reviews about its products

one point customer concernong about rosegal’s product is its size. we know the sizes may vary depending on the country, brand or the seller. But some customer complain that they order items with a smaller size than their usual size, still small. The marketing header of give us answer that the products of Rosegal may come from different suppliers, the sizing can be slightly different on each kind of products. Rosegal offers customer review system and size guide for each item prior to listing them on its website. Be sure to check the sizing guide prior to add products to bag. If you want to know more details about Rosegal size issue, check on another post How To Choose Your Size On

Another dispute about Rosegal is its pictures. Like any other Chinese e-commerce businesses, Rosegal was invovled in the scam event due to knock-off advertised. Is Rosegal a scam or legit? As responsed, from early 2016, Rosegal set up a photography team, hire foreigner models and take photos for its products. Until now, there are still some pictures on Rosegal are offered by its vendors, it need some to change it, also Rosegal promise to strengthen the control of pictures provided by vendors. It is estimated that by 2017, all pictures of products and ads will taken by Rosegal itself.

Rosegal reviews about its return

If there is some wrong with our order, what we do firstly is contact customer service, then return your items back. Rosegal offers 2 addresses for returning, one is returned to the USA and the other is Shenzhen, China. Customers have the right to choose which one to return.

If you do choose to order an item off of this website to create your own Rosegal review, you want to be sure that you understand the return policy thoroughly. In our opinion, it would be best to opt for an item that can be returned, just in case you are unsatisfied with the Rosegal clothing or items that you receive in your order.

What we need know about its return policy

May hear customer complaints about Rosegal return policy, rosegal adjusted its return policy this year, new return policy is more user-oriented.
First, extending the return time, Now, rosegal provides a 30 days return warranty. Followed by it, if the value of your orders is less than 50 dollars, Rosegal provides your with a resent free of charge or a full refund unconditionally. But pls note that it just a temporary policy. For more information, check on Rosegal Warranty and Return

Customer reviews

Rosegal had improved itself greatly. But negative reviews and complaints will not passed away. About negative customer complaints,  you must know, poor quality, wrong sizes, scam, never order again and so on; About positive reviews, you also know, happy shopping, good quality, cheap price, recommend to you. Like a coin has 2 sides, Rosegal has both of negative complaints and positive reviews. it’s to power to push Rosegal to improve itself, and prove that it’s not a scam

Whether you agree with my reviews for Rosegal or not, leave comments here are appreciated.

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  • March 4, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    Plus size items not like sizes from other vendors in America. Sizes of 4 blouses and Capri-like pants run at least 2-3 times smaller. According to the support web site the buyer is responsible for postage of returns and receipt of exchanged item to China. They will do a 1:1 exchange. They go on to state that it maybe worth your while to keep the item instead of the cost of shipping back to China then shipment back to you.
    If you are wanting plus size clothes I would recommend another vendor, not Rosegal.

    • March 8, 2017 at 7:51 am

      Hi. Roberta,
      I am customer service from
      We have sent you an ticket(email )about your order, please log in your rosegal account to check your email.
      If you have any problem, please feel free to leave comments here.
      Please rest assured, we always do our best to help our customers


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