Fashionable Rosegal even in the gym!

Hello, girls  how was your  Christmas? I ate so much that I needed to back to the gym for loose same weight! Rosegal, fortunately, is a great ally of mine… yeah!  On their site, I managed to find a pair of clothes for the gym like this beautiful in blue that you can see by clicking here.    It is a lightweight Polyester Spandex set consisting of  1 Bra 1 Jacket and 1 Leggings that dress the body very well and comfortably.                                                                   Even the style is fashionable and the deep blue tone gives a touch of elegance!  So look good thanks also to these beautiful clothes even when you go to the gym is not bad, don’t you think? Of course, I needed a good pair of sneakers too to be complete!                                                                For this reason, I started looking on Rosegal and I must say it was not easy to choose because all the shoes are very beautiful and the quality is very high!

Looking here I found this blue and red pair of shoes that cost a little more but they do in my case!           However now as often on Rosegal at the moment there are discounts that are worth it! I admit the shoes are men but it does not seem! I liked them and wear are very comfortable. You will find also in others color like gray, very nice and in black.            Ordering is easy and if you need help, the courtesy of the staff is incredible! Since I know Rosegal I am very satisfied and I often return with pleasure to buy from them, in fact, I suggest it! Now I have no excuse, I have everything I need to run and digest the extra kilos put on! 🙂

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