Gift guide for the blogger in your life.

As the holidays are coming we are all frantically looking for the perfect gift. Rosegal offers some amazing ideas for the bloggers and generally content creators in your life.

First of all every beauty blogger needs a good mirror. This mirror with adjustable LED lights is perfect for doing a flawless makeup look but it is also great for people with roommates who cannot turn on ten different lights to do their makeup every morning.

We all know how important selfies are for bloggers (as well as everyone else) so a ring light   for the selfie obsessed will definitely be a hit.

Bloggers are constantly looking for ways to up their photography. With this camera extension they can do just that.

Taking photos by yourself is definitely hard. This tripod can make things a lot easier.

Last every beauty blogger needs the right tools. These brushes are great for full makeup look and look stunning.

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