A Gold Valentine with Rosegal

These early days of 2018 are going fast, between cold and frost with the usual routine! But something  is coming to warm  our hearts… the arrival of Valentine’s Day  and what better way  to  celebrate  it  if  not  with  Rosegal? I  know  it  is still missing  a month but I like to organize  everything  in  time, to  be  at  the top! For  this, browsing  the  site of  Rosegal, I found  a  lot  of  inspiration like this beautiful mini dress in gold that you will find by clicking here.  This is  a  very  sexy  and tight-fitting  dress. It has a round neck and  long sleeves. Behind it is unglued.

It  combines  very  well with this pair of décolleté shoes that you will find here. I love these shoes  because  they  have  a  stiletto heel and a pointed point. And then  the colour is so beautiful!

Now  only  the last  accessory is missing, a beautiful evening bag and so flipping through the Rosegal catalogue I found this one! The shape is original because it is geometric and is in satin, therefore very elegant. Not only that but it is studded with glitter and has a  zip closure and then a button that keeps it compact. You can find it by clicking here.

So with just $ 106 you will bring home a dress with all the accessories you will need, that will  surely  enchant your  partner! So trust  the Rosegal taste because it’s a winner! And then  you  will find in addition to high quality and excellent service, discounts such as the one for Valentine’s Day! I am enchanted and sure to always find what I need in one click! In fact, it is very easy place an order too.

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