Instagram Trends You Can Find at Rosegal

Nowadays Instagram is used by almost everyone. Everyday you will notice thousands of videos showing a specific product. Thus everyday new trends surface. If you are looking to try some of them without breaking the bank Rosegal is a good place to start.

Every corner you turn there is an athletic person running while wearing  their electronic watch that they use to monitor their heart rate and amount of exercise they get. If you are into fitness this black electronic  watch  is a great purchase.

  • Silicone Face Cleanser

Another thing that has surfaced in the instagram community is these silicone face cleansers. Maybe this is what your skin needs!

  • Makeup Sponges

Ok this is pretty self explanatory. Almost every makeup video on Instagram features a makeup sponge. But most of them are pretty expensive and when taking into consideration that you have to change them regularly to protect your skin are they really worth the money? Rosegal has your back by providing a set of ten makeup sponges for a reasonable price.

  • Oval Makeup Brushes

If you are not a makeup sponge kind of person you can find these gorgeous oval makeup brushes that will add a touch of luxury to your routine.

  • Blackhead Removal

2018 is definitely not the best year for blackheads. From simple masks to complex devices blackheads don’t stand a chance.


What are some Instagram Trends you want to try?


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