Rosegal Halloween! $100 gift cards awaits! No tricks, all treats!

You might be bored and too old for “trick or treat” but we have to admit that Halloween is one of the greatest festivals to wear something different & special.For this upcoming Halloween, Rosegal prepared a special promotion for all Halloween lovers. Including hundreds of Rosegal Halloween theme products.Proof yourself as a Halloween lover and win an extra coupon for Rosegal Halloween promotion!



This is a picture with four creatures related to Halloween. They’re all covered by the maze.Do you know who they are?

1. Guess the Halloween characters and leave your answers in the comments section.(Multiple answer from the same person will only count as one )

2. The Higher amount of correct answers = Higher value Coupon. When correct answers reached 20/40/60, the coupon will increase to

$5 off $49/ $10 off $89 / $15 off $100.

3. When comments reached 100, Rosegal will offer $100 Gift Card to every 3 participants who answer all four characters correctly.(Multiple comments from the same person will only count as one )

4.This event ends on October 31st. The characters in the picture will be revealed & Coupon will be announced after the event ends.Rosegal is ready for the Halloween. How’bout you?


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