Rosegal, Knock Off Advertised Or Deviation

Fast fashion brand Rosegal, a subsidiary corporation of Globalegrow located in Shenzhen, focusing on producing consumers with latest fashion stuffs, recently announced its determination on helping banning any theft image spreading around so as to purifying the overall environment of E-commerce industry.

As the rapid inflation of E-commerce industry, accompany with which the great need of a highly recognized regulation is exposed, especially on authorized products and images of it. Rosegal has once been involved in the accusing of knock-off image and the problem their copyright image being theft by other sites or media page which became the crucial reason they made the decision.

As the special factory outlet industry model that Rosegal owns, image used to be provided by the vendors when the products were claimed. E-commerce specialists once indicated, “The factory outlet model will bring the consumer same products with a more affordable price and will quickly occupy the industry simultaneously become the majority business model for most merchants.“” However, the model may bring a series of problem such as image-product unconformity, disconnection of product line and image theft.

In order to eradicate the problem, Rosegal’s staff has been trained better at handling products from vendors who might send in some product with defection by mistake. After the training,  defected product will be filtered and returned accurately.

In needing of making image as similar as possible to the product consumers received, Rosegal decided not to post any image on the site before it’s passed the new matching test that comparing the product with its image. Also, the sample quality check will be done at the same time, in which the defective will be forever banned by the company.

Further more, in order to make an example of a copy right image user, Rosegal showed its own photography team unprecedentedly. Below is detailed images:

Dresser sculpting model. Photo credited @ Rosegal
Dresser sculpting model. Photo credited @ Rosegal

All shooting plans of image and video are arranged by Rosegal Optical center and here’s the delicacy series produced after a complete filming process.model-picture


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