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Hello… did you know that the first bra was born 103 years ago? Well yes! And it’s nice to know that on Rosegal you can find really nice intimate outfits and why not even sexy! Was an American woman who patented the prototype of the current models and the idea arose from the fact that she needed to wear a low-cut dress and the corsets with the slats that already existed were not suitable. So she thought to sew two handkerchiefs together and to cross them behind the back. This system gave elegance and support!

Here is a little story to introduce you to a world that for us women is so felt and great! On Rosegal there is a wide range of all sizes and shapes. Really difficult to choose. This first model can be found by clicking here. This is an unlined and lace model. The material is made of nylon and has a support for the underwire and closes with two hooks.

Instead, if you need a daily set but it’s still pretty and intriguing, here’s another item that will find clicking here. I  really like the color of this set. It is made of nylon and is the classic push up, supported by the underwire. It also has adjustable straps and closure with two hooks.

If you look at the Rosegal website you will also find wonderful corsets and bustiers! My favorite is this. So… please ourselves for please maybe our partner/husband/boyfriend and Rosegal gives us a hand! I conclude this post reminding you that on the site in addition to finding good quality items there are always discounts so take advantage of them!


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