RoseGal Reviews: How About RoseGal Shipping and Product Quality?

I saw many fantastic items from ROSEGAL on my friend’s FB page and found them very attractive especially with those reasonable prices. However I found there are both positive and negative reviews on its page and what’s worse is that those negative reviews about logistics and quality covers a large part. But I still want to have a try and decided to place an order of some new trends.

I bought two pieces of dress and a blouse, just costed me $40 in total. At first I entered into the website from a link my friend shared on FB and then I got 4 coupons after signing up. I use one of these coupons and only need to pay for $33 in the end, what a bargain!SHIPPING BAG

I guess it’ll take long enough to receive my order with expensive shipping fare, but I was happy and reassured when it turns out that I don’t have to pay too much for the shipping fare actually.shipping method

It takes about 10 days to receive my clothing and I’m so excited when I open the box. The print pattern on my dress are so nice, the shape is also very good and it suits me perfect! To be honest, the fabric is quite soft and feels great when I put on. Though there are some negative reviews online about this website, I do feel happy with this shopping experience and I’ll recommend to my friends even more people just let them know that there are double sides of the coin and always trust the bright side.


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