How To Shop Smarter with Rosegal

Rosegal is renowned for it’s high-fashion, trendy clothing at discount prices, but the website also boasts plenty of other goodies! From home decor to beauty supplies and cosmetics, Rosegal has thousands of products to choose from. But will your Rosegal order arrive on time? How do you track your Rosegal order? How do you know if you’re getting the best deals? Learn how to shop smarter with Rosegal.


Rosegal Sizing Issues

As with almost every fashion company, Rosegal’s fashions come from different suppliers. There are hundreds of different brands featured on the website, so the sizing can differ widely. This is no different than the way that some of your favorite fashion brands differ in sizing.

This is an example of one of Rosegal’s Size Charts. This is NOT a standard size chart because every product differs.


To be sure you’re getting the right size, you’ll need to measure yourself and compare it to the size charts. There are size charts on every product page on This will ensure that you’re choosing the correct size. If you’re still confused or need help deciding, feel free to contact “Live Chat” and Rosegal’s Customer Service will assist you.

Rosegal Reviews

You may have noticed that some Rosegal reviews reflect negatively on the company, based on the size alone. This is unfortunate, as these sizing issues with Rosegal could be avoided by being aware of the size charts.

Rosegal’s garments come from factories in China. They are made for Asian bodies, which tend to be shorter and more slender than the bodies in other parts of the world. It’s up to you to properly measure yourself against the size charts to be sure you’re getting the best fit.

If you wear an L in one of Rosegal’s tops, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll wear an L in another top on Rosegal. It may seem tedious, but to get the best fit, you need to check each and every size chart before placing your order.


Rosegal Coupons and Discount Codes

Rosegal’s prices are already extremely low. Even still, you can get even more savings by utilizing some of the Rosegal coupons and discount codes. The easiest place to find Rosegal deals is on the website. The quickest way to get Rosegal coupons is to visit the coupon zone (

If you’re new to Rosegal, you can get even more savings! New sign ups get 15% off of their first order. You can also earn points on Rosegal throughout the site by signing in, placing orders, and even referring friends.  These points can be redeemed for coupons and gift cards. As an added bonus, try your luck in the “Lucky Draw!”

To find even more discounts, visit Rosegal’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. Check the recent posts and you may find a few discount codes, as Rosegal updates regularly.

Finally, you can find discount codes on some top coupon websites, including RetailMeNot.


Rosegal In-Stock Items

Because Rosegal has such amazing prices, sometimes products sell out quickly. In some cases, customers may flock to an item and they may sell out right before another order is placed. If this happens, Rosegal will let you know if a product is out of stock. It may increase shipping times. In other cases, Rosegal may be able to issue a refund.  While it’s unfortunate, these types of things happen, but Rosegal is here to assist you. Contact Rosegal customer service for assistance with any order issues you might have.


Rosegal Shipping and Tracking

When shopping with Rosegal, pay attention to the shipping information, available on each product page. Each page lists a “Processing Time.” This lets you know when your item will be shipped out. Many Rosegal products ship within 3 days, whereas some take a bit longer. It is crucial that you pay attention to these time frames to have a better idea of when your item will arrive.

Rosegal Shipping Methods

Rosegal offers three different types of shipping, including:

  • Expedited (3-7 Business Days)
  • Standard (6-8 Business Days)
  • Flat Rate (7-25 Business Days)

With Rosegal Expedited Shipping, your product will be shipped via DHL, FedEx, or another shipping carrier. Once the package is shipped out, the tracking information is updated. 

With Rosegal Standard Shipping, you can find the tracking numbers using American Line, UPS, DHL, and others.

Finally, with Flat Rate Shipping, which is the longest of Rosegal’s shipping methods, they offer post in various countries including Sweden, Netherlands, China, etc. In the United States, these products are usually shipped via the United States Postal Service. With flat rate shipping, you must purchase a tracking number during checkout, or one will not be available to you.

Sometimes, there can be shipping delays due to inclement weather. In other cases, because items come from China, they can get wrapped up with US customs. There are many issues that can cause a delay in shipping. Even still, Rosegal assures you that your product will arrive.


When shopping with Rosegal, you want to be a smart customer. Know how to choose your sizes, understand shipping rates and methods, utilize tracking numbers, know how to find and use coupon codes, and finally, enjoy yourself while shopping!



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