The Ten Must-Have Rosegal Items

The back to school season is coming, meaning it’s the perfect time to start exploring what they have to offer and indulge. Rosegal is well known for its’ great prices and amazing quality. However, there is so much to choose from, it can honestly be difficult to know what to buy. That’s why I’ve put together a guide of the 10 must-have items from Rosegal to help you with your shopping.

A wardrobe staple is always a nice t-shirt, but it’s easy to forget about. Even I can get enticed by more unique items and end up with a closet which is severely lacking in t-shirts. However, Rosegal’s selection of shirts are so unique and fun that you will never forget to add one to your shopping cart. My personal favourite is the elegant and flattering Lace Panel Off The Shoulder T-shirt.




Whilst I know many people who are worried about wearing skirts as they can be quite revealing, I believe that there is always a skirt for everyone. They can be long or short, tight-fitting or loose, patterned or simple, and Rosegal’s collection definitely reflects this. The Lace Insert Faux Leather Bodycon Skirt is a lovely skirt that reflects my personal style well.

Dresses are my absolute favourite item of clothing and, despite some perceptions, you can actually wear dresses all year round. During the hot weather you can choose whatever dress you fancy as long as it keeps you cool. Once the winter months hit, make sure to wear tights alongside a longer dress with thicker material. I can guarantee that this will keep you warm yet fashionable all year round. My favourite dress is this High Slit V-Neck Floral Flowy Chiffron Dress.


This item needs very little explaining. It’s summer, and Rosegal have a great selection of swimwear no matter what your body shape or preferred style. My favourite piece is their Strapless Top and High Rise Cami Swim Bottoms.

During the summer months, shorts are easy, comfortable and stop you from over heating. I can’t get enough of high-waisted shorts as they can easily be worn with crop tops, making the perfect outfit for the summer months. I’m currently obsessed with these Lace Up Mid Waisted Ripped Denim Shorts as they are so unique, yet so comfortable.

On cooler days, everyone needs a great pair of jeans. A nice, simple pair of jeans are definitely underrated and can be a great base for a colourful outfit. I basically live in my Raw Edge Ninth Ripped Jeans.

Jackets have so many different styles and colours that it’s easy to become obsessed with them. They can be worn during any season, they come in every colour or material and they are perfect for helping to create a layered outfit. Perfect for changeable weather. Although it’s impossible to choose just one jacket, I love how edgy and versatile this Flap Pockets Raw Hem Jean Jacket is.

Most of my wardrobe consist of bodysuits. They are so flattering and help to keep everything in place, which is great for busy days where you don’t have time to keep adjusting or changing your outfit. If you’re someone who complains that bodysuits are too tight or uncomfortable, then make sure to go one size up as it will give you much more room to move around. My current favourite is Rosegal’s Off The Shoulder Embroidered Cut Out Bodysuit.

It’s never too early to start shopping for winter clothes. Before you know it, the weather turns freezing and you realise that you haven’t sorted your winter wardrobe. You can get winter ready by buying a simple item such as the Criss Cross Backless Drop Shoulder Jumper Sweater.

We all know that the second you try on stylish and comfortable work-out gear, all you want to do is head straight to the gym for a session. So if you’re struggling to get into a work-out routine then don’t hesitate to spend some money on Rosegal’s Activewear. I can guarantee that an item like the Racerback Zip Front Two Tone Sports Bra will give you the motivation you need to get fit and healthy.



So there you go! Hopefully I’ve given you a little insight into the best items available on Rosegal. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a shopping spree today and find that new favourite item of clothing that you just don’t want to put back in the wardrobe.

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