How to track shipping guidelines, exchange languages or currency

HELLO to all, sure many of us have already bought in the Rosegal online store and you are sure you want to know how to track or track your shipments, well let’s go step by step of the crawl.
I’m going to skip the steps of how to choose your garment, take it to the shopping cart and pay it.
When you have already made the payment of your pledge, a message arrives immediately to the email with which you identify yourself in the ROSEGAL store confirming your payment.
After a few hours another message will arrive with the following information:
1. Order Number.
2. Tracking number.
Also the link appears where you can copy your order number and track your package like this:
Now you click on the link and a new page like the one in the photo appears:
Enter the tracking number there.
You click on search and the information of your package appears
from your exit from the store until the moment you arrive at your destination and finally at your hands.
 ROSEGAL website and go down, down to find the title: Shopping FAQ.
Once you have found the title you click there and another window opens with all the possible questions you may have, be it payment, purchase, shipping, etc.
Check the list well and by clicking on the title the answer will be displayed.
You can contact the store directly through multiple ways.
go to the Contact us link.
Exchange languages or currency
To make browsing thru their site easy, Rosegal gives you a choice of language you can use, like english, french, russian or chinese. You can find the tab on the top right side of the page, just above the sign in tab. Just click on it and choose.
Also, you can choose from many currencies they offer, like USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, etc. This tab is next to the language tab.
I hope this info was helpful and  you`ll have no problem with your ordering now. Much love!!
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