What is FirstGrabber

1.What Is FirstGrabber Affiliate Network?

Firstgrabber Affiliate Network is a newly-built affiliate platform that combines online fashion retailers and worldclass affiliates to truly perform the whole process of CPS. We cooperates with famous brands like Zaful.comRosegal.comDressLily.com and so on. Meanwhile, we attracted famous affiliates with massive and qualified traffic also conversions like Couponcause.com, Flymedia.in, Shoogloo.com and many others.


2. How FirstGrabber Network Works

Register → Choose Merchant → Create Links → Promote Links → Get Paid


3.How Do We Calculate Sales?

Firstgrabber uses website cookies+link ID to track sales. The order confirmation time is 30 days. As long as someone ever clicked on your link, anything he or she purchased on our merchant websites (zaful.com / dresslily.com / rosegal.com and so on) within 30 days will be calculated to your account sales, no matter he or she clicks on your link again or simply types the website url in the browser or google it.


4.When Can I Withdraw My Commission?

You can withdraw your commission to PayPal/WebMoney when the Available Balance is over $100, and to your bank account when the Available Balance is over $1000.


5.How Do I Generate Affiliate Links?

Go to Creative — Custom Link Generator
☛Merchant. Choosing the Merchant you are planning to advertise
☛Your Affiliate ID. Everyboday has one unique Affiliate ID. Just choose your own Affiliate ID.
☛Site/Product/Category Link. Enetering the site you are planning to advertise. If you like to choose Rosegal, then you need to input https://www.rosegal.com/
☛ Link Name. Entering the name you like.

Then Click Create Link and you will find your affiliate link, copy and paste where people possibly click and make money!

1.Input info.

2.Create link.

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