6 Comfortable Workout Outfits

Cycling Workout Suit

If you’re into cycling, BMX, or mountain biking, then this is the perfect outfit for you. This multi-colored outfit features a polyester top with polyester and spandex pants. The suit is appropriate for cycling and other outdoors sports—even running. The material is breathable and dries quickly, so you’ll stay comfortable no matter how long you’re out. The seamless cut reduces body rubbing and the armpit features a mesh material that allows the skin to breathe. There are three pockets at the back to hold your belongings, as well as a reflective strip to keep you safe at night. The shoes are made of a light-weight mesh material that allow your feet to remain cool, while pedaling.


Running Suit

This is a heavy-weight material, so while it’s not ideal for those hot summer workouts, it’s great for those cold morning runs during the fall and winter. If you live in a colder climate, you could also wear it while hiking in the woods. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and warm, so if desired, it could also be used as an outfit to lounge around the house in. The waist features a draw string to keep the pants in place, even with vigorous movement. The hip pockets give you a place to keep your belongings, like ear buds and your cell phone. The shoes are made of a light-weight mesh material to keep you moving lightly without much sweat or odor.


Selfie Sweatsuit

If you enjoy working out in style, then you need to pick up this selfie sweatsuit. It’s great for P.E. class in school or for working out at your local gym. Alternatively, it may be used as a comfortable outfit to stay in, run errands, or even walk your dog. The outfit is gray and features the words “Selfie” written on both the pants and the top. Because it’s long-sleeve, it is great for cooler days or nights. The shoes are leather-inspired white and gray shoes to match the selfie outfit and are heavy-weight, making them perfect for a number of athletic activities.

Crop Top Workout Suit

A stylish workout outfit, this crop top workout suit is great for weight lifting at the gym, roller skating, or going for a job. The unique black and white marbling pattern is one-of-a-kind. It features fast-drying cotton with a racer back top and front zipper. The leggings have wide ribbing to trim and shape your midsection. It’s a soft, comfortable outfit and looks great when worn with a pair of black mesh athletic shoes.


Shorts Workout Suit

Do you live in a warmer climate? Then you probably have to work out in shorts and a sports bra! This outfit is perfect for vigorous workout routines. It features a soft, comfortable sports bra top with a pair of breathable, fast-drying shorts. The sports bra features a zipper in the front, making it easier to remove without having to pull it over your head after you’ve been sweating all day.


Pink Shorts Workout Suit

Who says you can’t be girly when working out? This pink shorts outfit is ideal for the girly girl who also likes to get down and dirty at the gym! You can be feminine and strong (because the two are never mutually exclusive) in this beautiful pink sports bra top with included black and pink shorts.  Both are breathable and quick-drying so you needn’t worry about sweat slowing you down. The shoes are made of a light weight mesh material to keep your feet from overheating.

These outfits are affordable and practical, making them some of the best choice for additional workout clothes. Also, be sure to check out Rosegal’s selection of headphones, earbuds, and exercise gear to make your workout experience even better!

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