Should I buy from Rosegal? – Four Reasons Why You Should

Rosegal is a China-based fashion retailer that specializes in the trendiest clothes and accessories on the market. Because of their competitive prices, many wonder, “Is Rosegal too good to be true?” In short, the answer is no. Of course, if you do research, you will find many Rosegal complaints and negative reviews. Please be aware that most of these reviews are based on shipping times alone. If you understand how Rosegal’s shipping works, then you will have a better understanding of how to shop smarter with Rosegal.  There are many articles within the Rosegal Reviews blog that will inform you on Rosegal sizing, in-stock and low-stock products, as well as shipping and tracking information.

In this article, we’re going to cover 4 reasons why you should shop with Rosegal.

Low Prices

A quick visit to Rosegal’s website will show you just how competitive their prices actually are. The website features fashions for as low as $4.89 and accessories for even less! Don’t let the low prices deter you, however. Rosegal is able to keep their prices low because they purchase large quantities of the same garment from the supplier. With no middlemen involved, Rosegal is able to reduce their overhead and therefore,  sell those garments to the public at cutthroat prices.

With other fashion retailers, you may be able to get a top for around $30-$40. With Rosegal, you can purchase an entire outfit for $20!

Trendy Fashions

The Rosegal team stays up to date with the latest fashions. Around important holidays, they even implement festive clothes and accessories into the online shop. If you’re a fashionista with a taste for modern fashions, you can find styles similar to what the celebrities are wearing at a fraction of the price!

Plus Sizes Available

Rosegal understands that curvy women need love too, which is why they offer plus sizes on select products. Of course, you’ll always want to check the size charts against your measurements to ensure that you’re getting the proper fit. For example, if you’re an American Size 2XL, on Rosegal, you might wear up to a 6XL. This is why it is incredibly important to measure yourself against the provided size charts which vary from item to item.

As it turns out, most of the Rosegal complaints are about sizing issues.  While we would never put the blame on our customer’s, many of these issues could be avoided by being more vigilant about checking sizing charts.

Rosegal deals with China sizes and the body of a typical Asian women is usually shorter and more slender than that of bodies in other parts of the world. It is your responsibility to properly measure yourself against the provided size charts. A lot of Rosegal’s clientele are based in the United States, so they offer US conversions for their American customers. It’s important that you pay attention to the size charts on each individual item. Different items on Rosegal may come from a different supplier, and therefore, sizing and fit may be different from product to product.

More Than Just Clothes

You  might be surprised to know that Rosegal deals with more than just fashions. In fact, on the website, you can find home decor, toys, gifts, beauty products, and even electronic accessories. Rosegal makes it easy to purchase almost everything that you need on one website!

From makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes to pillow covers and even furniture, Rosegal has it all!


With low prices, trendy fashions, plus sizes, and other items that you can use, Rosegal is a one-stop-shop to shop-til-you-drop!

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