Rosegal reviews| How Does Customer Service Solve Your Complaint About Rosegal’s Size

Choosing cloth online can bring plenty fashionable choices for us, however the concerning of size has also become one of the headaches. Therefore, having a good knowledge of seller’s warranty and resolutions to size issues is of great significance before making your decision. There will be an overall review of Rosegal’s best possible resolutions to any size issues from its customers in the following contents.rosegal1 customer reviews: chooses the incorrect size,oops

Normally there will be different size charts for different clothes from different manufacturers. More knowledge about rosegal size issue will be next post on rosegalreviews

Customers are advised to check the size chart carefully before making their decisions. If unfortunately customers forget to check the size chart or put an item in incorrect size unintentionally to their shopping chart, will Rosegal helps to resolve the issue for the customer? Definitely! If the order is not sent out, please contact Rosegal via a phone call or on the live chat as soon as possible, Rosegal will help to change the item in correct size immediately. If the order has been sent out and customer find it unsuitable finally, please send a message to Rosegal support center for help. The after-sale customer service will offer refund (sometimes even in full refund) if the item price is under 50 USD. In this case, the customer can keep the item without returning it to Rosegal . If the total price of the items are above 50 USD and at a large amount, Rosegal advises customer to return all unsuitable items to it and will offer exchange of correct sizes or refund in full once it receives the returned package at the warehouse. Please kindly note the return shipping fee will at customer’s expense in this situation.

2 customer reviews: Rosegal sends item in incorrect size to customer, how to do?

If unexpectedly and unfortunately Rosegal has sent items in incorrect size to customer, customer can feel free to submit a message with pictures to indicate the item codes in attachments to Rosegal support center, the customer service will offer resolutions once it confirms this mistake. If the item price is under 50 USD, Rosegal will offer full refund for customer. If customer requires to resend new items in correct size, please rest assured Rosegal will arrange a free reshipment of correct items for you immediately. Please kindly note the customer do not need to return the original item to Rosegal in this situation. If the items are at a higher price which is more than 50 USD, Rosegal will advise return all the items to its warehouse and offer full refund or resend correct items for free once confirms the receipt of the returned package.

3 customer reviews: receive the correct item but doesn’t fit, can i return it?

There can be a situation that customer purchased item after checking the size chart and Rosegal has indeed sent correct item, however unfortunately the item still doesn’t fit to some extent. Please do not worry! Roegal will try its best to help resolve the issue for you after receiving your contact message in the support center. The resolutions will depend on the item value, too. For item under 50 USD, there will be refund ( sometimes even in full ) offered. If customer requires to resend correct size again in such case, Rosegal can even offer free shipping of new item sometimes. In this case, the customer can keep the original item without sending back to Rosegal. For items above 50 USD, Rosegal still advise return the item and will offer full refund or free reshipment of new items in correct size after receiving returned package. In this case, please kindly note the shipping fee for return cannot be reimbursed.

image from rosegal warranty and return

Rosegal claimed it’s a reliable legit company and always offers professional and reasonable resolutions to its customers in any complaint of the size issue. I like its Satisfaction Guarantee, It makes me know Rosegal would like to make improvement in its products and service step by step.

More issues about rosegal would be discussed on, any tips and reviews are encouraged.

19 thoughts on “Rosegal reviews| How Does Customer Service Solve Your Complaint About Rosegal’s Size

  1. Carolyn says:

    Please don’t allow rude and idiotic comments like the one above (from Basil). Comments should be limited to clothing, jewelry and so on. Goodness! I am sorry that Basil has had such a hard time with American women. But, honestly, there are loads of us who are worth the effort. But, I still think comments should relate to Rosegal and not to how a person feels about women of any country.

    • by Rose says:

      Hi, Carolyn

      Thank you for your advice very much. we will filter these comments and just alow the comments releated to Rosegal or clothing, jewelry and so on.
      I hope you have a fabulous day!

      Rosegal Reviews Blog

  2. Ampa MhHugh says:

    My name is Amparo an I still waiting for my refund of a product they never send it to me because it was out order since March I’m looking at my bank statement an is NOT a returned MOney to my acct I need somebody to do something aboutt pls

    • by Rose says:

      Hi, Ampa

      I’m sorry for your shopping experience. I’ve transferred your case to Rosegal customer service team. Pls pay attention to your rosegal account for checking email today.

      rosegal reviews blog

  3. Lori Pulver says:

    I’ve been waiting for my order for over a month. Your customer service number is always busy. Order number is
    ZP1709241511198841. You have already taken my money so I would like my order..

  4. Barbara Kottmeier says:

    I ordered two dresses and they took forever to arrive. I’m a size 2 x in almost everything. These dresses were a 3 x because that was all that was available, and I can’t even get them on.

  5. Barb Baglole says:

    Placed an order as a guest. My email died (fixed now) and I didn’t receive order confirmation. Upon receiving order one item is tight fit below bust, one item was not rec’d but did receive another item not requested. All other clothing items fit fine so not sure why 4th item is tight. Would you be able to help with these issues?

    • rosegalservice says:

      We have checked your order has been partial shipped out, please send an email to our support center ( ) for more information.

  6. Cynthia Winfield says:

    I received a order on 11/29/. the items I received was not the items I ordered and paid for. my order number is ZP1711112231101869 Also I need to return the items that are not mine
    thank you

  7. Elizabeth Holeton says:

    I ordered one item on 11/28/2017 and when I made the purchase, it stated that I would receive my order within 5-8 business days. Then when I viewed the tracking information that was e-mailed to me, it states that the shipment will arrive 15-35 days. The item has been charged to my account and it doesn’t look like it will arrive by Christmas and I want to cancel my order. Someone please help. Your 888-320-8188 is not a working telephone number.

  8. Linda Ghiozzi says:

    I ordered a Christmas shower curtain no 11/14/17 and i still have not received it. Tracking is useless. Tracking number is 1B15110604076127
    order number is Z17111414272. I would like this ASAP before Christmas please help.

  9. Tanisha Hyatt says:

    I placed an order on November 30th. Since then it went from 1 paid order to 0 paid orders and 0 unpaid orders. I tried calling the customer service number all i hear is “goodbye” i tried messaging on facebook messenger – no response. I tried emailing – automatic response. I tried cancelling the order but i couldn’t do it. The order says partially packed, which it has said since November 30th. I’ve read a ton of negative feedback and I would like my concerns answered immediately!

    • rosegalservice says:

      We check you have one order in “processing”, we will ship your order soon.Once your order has been shipped out we will send you a confirmation email.

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