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Some customer reviews reflect that what they received from RoseGal is not fit for them, the items are small. Let’s listen to customers’ reviews and analysis.

RoseGal Reviews

Customer review 1: “ my usual size is L, and choose XL because they said RoseGal’s items are made in china and small than Europe size, but it’s still small.”

Customer review 2: “ i got my order, the quality is ok, but the sleeves are short for me.”

Customer review 3: “is it kidding me? I bought it for myself, but now it’s just suit for my daughter.”

Above customer reviews reflect one problem, that is they like RoseGal’s products however not satisfied with its size. This article is aimed to solve these complaints like customer reviews said, and help you choose the right size on

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Before we get into this issue, we should be aware that RoseGal’s items are from garment factories which are located in china, they are suit for Asia body, but small for European people. If your usual size is L, you should choose M, or L, even XL on RoseGal. It’s up to your actual BWH. Lets’s take RoseGal size chart and H&M size chart for example. the bust size of H&M’s M is 36.25–37.75, while the counterpart of RoseGal’s is L or XL.

H&M size charthm-size-chart

One of RoseGal size chartrosegal-size-chart

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Secondly, we must notice that the items of RoseGal are from different suppliers, so different products may have different size chart. Let’s take 2 dresses for example. The following 2 tops are all from RoseGal, but they have different size chart. The size L of the first product almost the size S of the second product.

The image from
The image from

How to choose our size on RoseGal?

All you need is tape, then compare with the Size Chart of the product you want to add to bag. It will ensure you’re choosing the correct size. If you still fail to ensure the right size, you are suggested to click on ‘Live Chat’ on the right corner of RoseGal’s every page, thereby turning to customer service for help.

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