How to Contact Rosegal Costomer Service?

Rosegal has 24-hour Costomer Service, so every customer can contact Rosegal at any time. And it is also easy for customers to contact Rosegal Customer Service including Phone Service,real-time Live Chat Service and user-friendly Ticket Service. But still some rosegal reviews said that it’s hard for them to contact rosegal.

What should we do? How can we contact Rosegal Costomer Service? The following information introduces the steps in detail.

.  Phone Service

Rosegal phone number is (315) 221-8558, which can only be gotten through the USA helpline number from 7:30 to 21:30 (GMT+8). Pay attention to the time zone. (Updated: Rosegal changed its previous phone number to 1 888 320 8188 for satisfacting the need of more phone contacting.)

However, you also could leave a message in voicemail if they call beyond the time period. Rosegal promise that her staff will check voicemail every day, and call the customers back or email to the cusotmer based on the actual situation.

. Live Chat Service

Live Chat Service can be available for 24 hours, as a result of that, customers in Rosegal can contact Live Chat Service at any time. Usually Customer Service Agent will answer every question from you, but if the question was difficult for them to answer at the Live Chat, the Agent would confirm it with their colleague in relevant department, then giving the response through email.

Refer to the following tips about how to get through Live Chat Service, you can contact rosegal step by step:

① Choosing the “Live Chat” region on the top right of the Rosegal home page.

② Clicking the “Start Online Chat” button.

③ Filling in the blankets in the pop-up window.

④ Starting the chat with the Live Chat Customer Service Agent.

. Ticket Service (Support Center)

Ticket Service is mainly for the after-sale problems, Customer Service Agent who is special in this area will always give the response to the customer in 24 hours. If the customers had after-sale problems, the customers could describe the problems in Ticket in detail, then the Customer Service Agent would learn the problems, giving effective solutions to the customers.

Customers can contact Ticket Service through emails, the email address of is, or you could click the link of rosegal support center:

support center

Sometimes rosegal will not reply to you immediately. Missing your call is not rosegal’s intention, so it’s better to state your problem clearly by Leaving a viocemail or submitting a ticket.

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