How to find & apply Rosegal coupon code?


(Updated on July 19, 2018)


Where to find?

Using coupon codes while shopping online is an easy way to save your money. In order to save your hard-earn money, it’s essential to look for a coupon code before you shop. Here comes our first coupon code for you!

Coupon Code Range from Effective Date
5rgsales Up to 12% Off

Orders over $30 save 3, over $50 save 5, over $80 save 8, over $100 save 10, 120 save 12, 150 save 15, 200 save 20, 250 save 25

From 2018/6/25  to 2019/7/20


The quickest way to get our Rosegal coupon is to visit our coupon zone.( Is there any easier way than receiving coupons by clicking several your mouse several times?  $5~$10 coupon codes for all product and discount codes up to 30%. That’s not all! You’ll also be rewarded free Rosegal points by signing in every day. Win big in the “Lucky Draw” and spend your free points in our points mall. Have a peek during your daily break time, I ensure that you’ll never regret it.


  • Official Instagram&Facebook page of Rosegal





We always keep our status update. Simply search “Rosgal” on Instagram/ Facebook or other social media platforms. Check our bio and recent posts! Huge discount codes of our trendiest products will be found. Letting you come under the spotlight and save a lot of money at the same time.


  • Top coupon code sites

If you prefer going directly to coupon code sites, there’s an assortment to choose from. Directly heading to a coupon code site will limit the variety of codes you see, visit more than one site and pick up the coupon codes which you really need is a good idea. Here are some coupon sites we recommend.





How to use my coupon code?



Three simple steps shown below will teach you how to correctly use your coupons at no time.


1.Add your favorite products to your cart










2.Enter your coupon code and press the apply button









3. Coupon code activated
















Be careful! Canceling an order will not charge back any activated coupon code. Before applying your coupon code, please check if everything in your cart is fine. So, do you know how to get and use your Rosegal coupon now? Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or reviews.



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