Is Rosegal A Scam or A Legit Site?

E-commerce and online business has become highly popular over the last few years. Rosegal is one of the numerous merchants which attracts a vast number of customers around the world.People may concerns regarding the facility and safety of this site.As a matter of fact,Rosegal is a legit shopping site and it’s not a scam,because customers property security ranks top in Rosegal and they regard ensuring security of each transaction as an essential task since it’s been built up.

Rosegal get third parties involved for their payment gateways

Except for taking Paypal as one of their payment methods,Rosegal adopts 3D payment secure for their credit card payment gateway.

Referring to 3D payment secure,many people may have little knowledge about it.In simple words,when people using credit card to make online payments,if merchant has made 3D secure for the transaction,personal security code will be requested after the person enter credit card details in related online store.The credit card issuing bank will authenticate the transaction within a few seconds,simultaneously confirm that this person is the individual who making the purchase.

    Purchasing by credit card is always preferred by wide ranges of consumers because it’s the most convenient way to make online payments,people do not need to create extra account to finish their payments.However,online thieves exploit the trend,thus many people complaint the hacking,misuse and quasi unratified usages of their credit cards.Taking above problems into fully consideration,Rosegal introduce the highly advanced 3D secure payment to keep customer’s property safe.Moreover it’s the card issuing bank that presume the risk for transactions that  completed with the 3D secure,which also kept customer’s private information hiding.

For Rosegal,there are many disadvantages for themselves to open this third party service.For instance:

  1. Adopting 3D secure payment for their credit card payment method means Rosegal needs to pay extra fee for the service.
  2. An extra security field added to Rosegal will seriously lower the number of completed transactions.
  3. Due to the fact that many people have little knowledge of 3D secure,payments can easily be given up as the payment procedures may change a little which is also an inconvenience for buyers.

Why a scam shopping site do all they can and even sacrifice their benefits to protect customer’s payment safety? It does not make sense!

Risk Management team from Rosegal help to protect customers property security furtherly

Rosegal as a shopping site running for a few years,they may notice that it’s not enough to cooperate with payment third parties,thus their own risk management team being set up with many experienced stuffs on payments.

All of orders from Rosegal will be thrown into the risk management system,viewing from the angel of order information,risk level of each order will be judged,an low risk level order will go directly to next process till sent out.An order with middle risk level will uphold by Rosegal risk control system,buyer of this order will be contacted,till everything being cleared up and the transaction be proved authorized by real cardholder or account owner.However,order with a high risk will be canceled by risk management team,and money refunded to original card or account.During this period,if frauds or scams happen,even if the real cardholder know nothing about the situation,the money will return to them.

In majority cases,cards or accounts being hacked,but the money may not be stolen,people won’t suffer a loss in scams.This is a biggest surprise that Rosegal give to their customers.

Summary:Is Rosegal a scam?

Definitely not.

Why a scam site cost that much to work with third parties of payments?

Why a fraud site sacrifice their own interests to make a safer payment environment?

Why an illegal site bother themselves to judge the risk level of each order from customers?


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