How to make money or get free items from Rosegal?

(Updated on July 13, 2018 )


Fristgrabber is an new inhouse system. Rosegal, Zaful, Dresslily and so on could be found on this site. You could use Invite Code: ZFTEQOYA to Register.

Highest commission rate could be up to 18%.

Easy to get approval from Rosegal as long as you have social media page temporarily. After the registration finished, you could generate affiliate link here.

We know it is frustrated for the one who use firstgrabber first time. So here we provide a detailed instructions on how to generate the affiliate link in One minunte.

Only Three steps:

  • Choosing Rosegal as the Merchant. No need to do with the affiliate ID.
  • Enter the Link Name you like;  Enter as the Site/Product/Category Link
  • Click Generate link

Then you could an customized link were produced in Reports—Ad Report- Finding the link name, two red button. You need to click the red button under the Associate URL.  . You need to copy this link to the place where you wanted.


2.Getting Free items

First of all, your Channel of Youtube or Instagram should be at least 10,000 subscribers or Followers.

Below are the lowest returns  of the Critria of Instagram Collaboration when you collaborate with Rosegal. For the details of the collaboration, you need to negotiate with us. If you wanna move forward, you could contact

Fans Likes Comments Post Reach in Week Giftcard Paypal
20K-50K 1.5k-3k 150+ 20K-50K 30-50 0
50K-100k 4K 300+ 50K-100K 50-70 100-300
>100K 10K 1000+ >100K 50-70 300-500


Will update more hacks in the future.


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