Oversea Online Shopping-Risks and Opportunities

The sales sites of dresses on the net spread with the months for their varied offer and the amazing prices. However there are many risks: “where is my order?”, “what the hell with the size?”, “It’s been over 25 days and I haven’t received my order up to now”. Recommendations for a safe purchase at Rosegal.

Precise measurements.

The oversea clothing e-commerce, known as Rosegal, are established in China. And the proof is in the study that has just been presented by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce and which indicates that clothing is the item that sold the most in 2016. This includes women’s and men’s clothing and footwear.

The variety on Rosegal is wider and prices lower: you can buy a dress from $ 10 onwards (pls note the fee of international shipping). There may have risks such as choose a wrong size, or the color is not fit you. However it is tempting to shop from home, access a wide variety of products and brands in a few minutes without having to go through hundreds of stores, and find the best prices. And that is only achieved by Internet. And that is checked with comments on the networks on those great sites, such as Rosegal, Asos, Rose Wholesale, and Dressit, and the list goes on.

With respect to the sizes, On Rosegal, all specify the measurements: if it is L, for example they clarify how much has of length, of bust and of waist. There are even more specifications, with model stats, size converter, among others.


“Do not buy?”

Oversea online shopping is a latent risk, In several places like PissedConsumer ( a review site only allowed negative reviews), many women have complained, and in Rosegal, for example, they say that the size is always smaller than their usual size, with the warning of “Do not buy”.

However, all sites have their return policy. And they claimed: “If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the items free of charge in their original condition” within a certain period.

Any business has growing pains. It’s impossible to have a 100% satisfaction score. So is Rosegal.

Cecilia Noriega bought her first dress in Rosegal, “When they give you the key number, you can follow the order: mine left Shanghai (China), and from Czech Republic left for Argentina. The Argentine Post Office sends you a telegram and tells you that it is here. It depends on the amount there is door-to-door delivery. With the procedure done in AFIP, a transfer to the mail of $ 100 is made for administrative procedures. The AFIP has up to 10 days to issue even if there are no taxes payable. And one good day the packet appears in a waterproof bag, and another with zip closure. There was the dress inside, “Cecilia said.


Customer Reviews:

I bought some items in Rosegal … everything came out perfect … what you have to keep in mind before deciding to buy are:

  1. Check the product.Size, color, materials with what is built, Etc … When acquiring clothing always have a meter by hand or in the head the standard measures that we usually use in each brand, in order to make more successful purchases.
  2. Check the related policies. Check Rosegal’s policies of changes and returns to know the options if you are not satisfied with the product. Calculate the cost of the product: for it must verify its value in dollars, calculate the respective tax to be paid (this will determine if it agrees or not to buy) ..
  3. Note Rosegal’s shipping. Verify that Rosegal of the chosen product make shipments to your destination , there may be some geographicla area to which we can not make shipments … Analyze available shipping options and delivery times before finalizing the purchase. These options may vary depending on the product being purchased and the geographical area in which the buyer is located.
  4. Make a correct follow up of the order. Note the order number and shipping tracking code when closing the purchase that will serve to track the package. Note the tracking number of the order so that it can be traced until it reaches its destination.
  5. Finally arm themselves with patience, the delay is almost 2 months. In case of any inconvenience in the purchase, communicate directly with Rosegal Customer Service in question to help you solve it.rosegal

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