Rosegal Brought a Mermaid for Every Female Employee on Women’s Day

Fashion e-commerce company Rosegal ( brought every female employee a mermaid blanket, its best seller in 2016, as a special gift for International Women’s day on Mar. 7, celebrating the day and expressing the company’s gratitude to all female Rosegal employees and customers for their contribution and appreciation by offering a sense of romance and beauty to not only its employees, but also women from around the world.

With search volume in 2016 increasing 400% in the U.S., the mermaid blanket has become the top choice for customers. It was a top seller on Black Friday, selling over two thousand pieces. “I took my child to a mermaid movie. After the movie, my kid would wrap her with the blanket and ask if she looks like a mermaid,” said Alice Lo, a customer of Rosegal.

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“International Women’s Day is set to celebrate the important contribution and great achievements women have made in all fields. The gift idea is inspired by the innocent and beautiful image embodied in the mermaid, which we believe every woman has,” said Leo, COO of Rosegal. “Rosegal has promoted mermaid products to deliver such image to our global customers.”

The mermaid blanket is packed in a shopping bag unique to Rosegal. The pink and graceful design style also brings a sense of romance to its receive. The shopping bag is currently in pilot phase and will be available to Rosegal’s global customers soon.

Meanwhile, Rosegal is holding an 8-day flash sale to celebrate International Women’s Day. The theme for this flash sale is “Women’s History Month Sale, Create your own story from 38%”.

rosegal mermaid


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