Rosegal Model Stats

With more and more shoppers choose shopping online, customer reviews and complaints of clothes size that don’t fit increased. Although the proportion of internet shopping complaints was only about 20% of overall consumer reviews and complaints, the business owners, on the other hand, are urged to build a sound online shopping mechanism and a fair transaction platform to boost consumer confidence. Based on customer reviews, to solve customers complaints for about size issue, E-commerce fashion store Rosegal launched a new function-Model Stats by letting customers know about the data of models’ BHW.

There is a boom target Asia recent e-commerce: many western shoppers complain that the product they receive looks different from the pictures they saw online, and the items doesn’t actually fit them. To tackle this growing problem, Rosegal do a lot of measures, offered convert calculation in every product description, added size conversion chart besides Rosegal size chart.


Now, Rosegal launched a new function-Model Stats. Firstly, Rosegal get models’ permission before all the model information are showed to customers, the Model Stats was displayed beside Rosegal description in the area of product information.second, the information of Rosegal Model Stats include model’s BWH, weight (Height, Bust, Waist, Hip, Shoulder) and the samples’ size model dressed, which help customers to estimate their fit size. Last but not least, Model Stats is not only help customers to choose right size before adding Rosegal items to bag, but also keep the consistency of Rosegal’s products and pictures.


Another useful tips, What it’s really like to model VICTORIE’S SECRET swimsuit? Why do you buy a McDonald’s hamburger with advertising is not the same? there must be some difference between the products and pictures.

Q: why not all goods are showed by model?

A: Rosegal has hundreds of thousands items, it need time to showed by models. And not all items need to be take pictured by this style.

Q: why not every items have Model Stats?

A: it’s a new function, some stats have not be added into In addition, not all pictures are took by Rosegal, some are from buyer show which customers don’t want to published their BWH, and some are supplied by vendor, every one is checked by Rosegal to ensure the consistent between goods and pictures.


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