Rosegal Phone Number and Contact Information

Rosegal strives to provide excellent customer service to its customers. We’re here to help. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, the Rosegal team is standing by to help you.


To find out more about Rosegal’s contact information, visit Rosegal’s Contact page.

For Rosegal’s phone number, Rosegal’s email address, and other means of contact, please read on.

Rosegal Phone Number

To contact Rosegal by phone, use the following phone numbers:

For United States Customers

For Non-US Customers

For all customers, please note that our phonelines are available 24/7.

Rosegal Email Address

Feel free to contact Rosegal by email by sending a message to:

How to Contact Rosegal

Rosegal offers several other methods of communication including Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Support Tickets.

Contact us via Facebook Messenger by vising Rosegal’s Facebook Page. We highly recommend communicating with us via the Facebook platform. This way, we can address needs quickly. Facebook is the most convenient way to chat with us.

Start a Live Chat via Rosegal’s Contact Page. If you cannot contact us via Facebook, open a live chat.

Open a Support Ticket via the Rosegal Contact Page.


Rosegal Address

Rosegal does not accept inquiries via mail. To contact Rosegal, it’s best to use one of the above mentioned contact methods.


Rosegal tries to respond to inquiries within one business day (not including holidays or weekends). Please be patient as we do our best to address your concerns and questions. While you wait, why not shop Rosegal’s sale!


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