Three things you need to know befor you buy from Rosegal

If you have found Rosegal items in Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and the other social platforms, you could not help youself placing your order right now! They are super cute and amazing. But you could also find some complaints at the same time, they feel disappointed with what they have ordered. Then, how do we achieve a wonderful experience from Rosegal site?

Here are 3 tips to be noticed before you place your order on Rosegal.

1.Size issues

Although some items are very cute but they don’t fit you very well. To solve this, you could refer the Model Stats. Model Stats include model’s Height, Weight, Bust, Waist, Hip and the samples’ size model dressed, which help customers to estimate their fit size.

2. Shipping time

As it is shipped from China to worldwide internationally, it may need average 10–30 days depending on the Country, Stock Availability and Force majeure.


If you lived in US, UK, Canada, France, Australia and so on, you could buy items with confidence!

But if you live the other places, you have to ask yourself one question whether you could afford time to wait the items or not. Because it may takes at least 20 days to arrive.

Stock availability:

When comes to some great activity likes Black Friday, Rosegal will give huge discount with most of the items. And if you have bought the out of stock items, it may need to more time to get stuff from the factory and ship them out.

Force majeure:

The cargo may meet some extremely weather like hurricane, typhoon and the other unexpected situation. And your stuff will be delayed or even lost on the road. However, Rosegal has provide  30 Day Returns guarantee.

3.Tax issues

It is estimatd that 95% were successfully delivered to customers without tax. But you could not deny that you may have a risk receiveing an tax invoice. Sometines, the tax amount even higher that than the merchandise value. So you may need to check with the Customs Policy of your country in order to avoide tax issues.  Here are more details about the Tax:  About Tax



Rosegal Model  States: MODEL STATS




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