Take A Look of RoseGal “Style Gallery”

RoseGal ‘style gallery’ is a place where customers’ buyer show. There you can show your photos with rosegal clothing and leave your reviews about rosegal. RoseGal set up ‘style gallery’ to collect the feedback from customer reviews, and learn about the products information as well. Such as quality, color, size, fabric. From customers reviews and photos, RoseGal could get all these feedback clearly and accurately.

Early May.2016, RoseGal took an activity to encourage customers to upload their buyer’s show. It called ‘Rising Star Program’. Customers upload their photos of wearing clothing from RoseGal. As long as they agree the terms and conditions of  ‘Rising Star Program’. Every set of qualified photos will get a $20 cash coupon. The qualified photos will be the products picture, means you become the model of RoseGal.

RoseGal stated that after ‘Rising Star Program’ begins, more and more people join the activity. Nowadays, 20 sets photos uploading on average and send 5 cash coupon everyday. Many people get cash coupon rewards more than one time. The request of photos is quite easy. You just need to show clothing completely and clearly. Photos with good lighting and suitable background, Using the appropriate reviews(reality,objective).

Following screenshots come from real customer reviews and photos, you could click rosegal’s Style Gallery and read more customer reviews about rosegal. When you pick up your favorite products on rosegal, you could read customer reviews about this product. Also rosegal will update its customer service and products based on customer reviews.customer reviews1customer reviews2

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