Three Secrets You Didn’t Know why people buy on Rosegal



The first factor that people why buy on Rosegal are Gratification according to an research on plus size retailers.

People follow up the steps of the model Ranzi to enjoy the Plus size online shopping. People say that it is retail therapy, A way to relieve stress, helps lift my mood, because it makes me feel special, because it is fun, Distraction from everyday routine and when I want to treat myself to something special.



2.Fashion Interest

Fashion Interest has been indentified the second highest percentage of the Total Variance Explained. People claimed  that they have strong interest in new fashion, to increase the number of fashionable garments in my wardrobe, keeping up-to-date with new trends Rosegal Offficial Ins, enjoying being fashionable and I could buy garments in a range of  fashionable colors.




The third factor has been interpreted as a desire to access a selection of fashionable products that I could not find anywhere else, To access a wide selection of clothes in my size, General fit, the ‘Simply Be’ fit flatters my shape, Access a selection of clothes for different social occasions and Access a selction of clothes for different season. Rosegal are the one who dedicated on covering all size of the clothes.





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