“This Is Us” Chrissy Metz’s fat girl energy



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Chrissy Metz, who became popular with the American drama series “This Is Us”, played the role of Kate, one of the triplets in the play. From a young age, she was deeply involved in the problem of weight and appearance. She lived all her life. “This time I am It is serious, must be thin!” in the cycle.



With the praise of “This Is Us” in the topic, Chrissy Metz can not avoid mentioning her weight in the interview. She calmly accepts her own look and brings a fresh breath into Hollywood. After all, there are few popular big-size actresses in the entertainment industry or in another word, it should be said that there are not many fat girls with audiences who can get rid of the joy. These “round” actresses are always classified in cute, funny characters, as if their life is to eat more blessed than thin, no low tide or fragile time.



Chrissy Metz recalls her way of losing weight, saying that she can’t eat as much as others when she is young: “Everyone can eat whatever they want, but I can’t. If I eat with  the same my friends,  I will definitely become fat.” This make people think of the awkward situation she has encountered acting as a little girl in the show.




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In fact, before the performance of “This Is Us”, Chrissy Metz firstly appeared in “American Horror Story 4: The Deformed Show”, but she also lost her job after the filming. In order to stay in Los Angeles like Emma Stone and continue to pursue the actor’s dream, Chrissy Metz spent all the savings in the deposit and was taken in by friends when he was almost on the street: “Before you can afford the rent you will live here first, don’t give up.”



Her natural acting in “This Is Us” was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress for the 2017 Golden Globe TV series. It also caused countless female viewers, teenagers, and even parents to resonance.  As soon as Chrissy Metz walked up the street, someone would come and say to her: “Your role has changed my life.” A mother once said to her: “I never knew my daughter’s troubles with her until I watched The show. “Those who can’t afford to rent and have no money to eat are worth it.” Chrissy Metz laughed.


There are a lot of things outside of life that are worth chasing.

I don’t know why no matter what weight or posture, women always feel dissatisfied with their appearance, and there is always a self-torture that cares about calories. However, Chrissy Metz is the only one who has lost weight, gained weight, and lost weight again, and these things make Chrissy Metz. At this moment, for her, life is no longer only slim.  “I have friends other than losing weight, and there are a lot of things outside my life that are worth sticking to.”



On the cover of the US version of Harpers Bazaar, Chrissy Metz conveyed a positive energy message: “We spent too much time comparing each other, desperate and degrading ourselves. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where are you from? Your body shape and the framework that society gives you are not important. Everyone has a different way to go. Everyone also has the right to make extraordinary achievements.” Gread inspiration! I really want to buy that cute dress ~~❤!




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